Terms and Conditions

Updated: 4 Feb 2024


It is important to know about the Terms and Conditions of any website before you use their data or information. It is an agreement between you and us that we respect and understand each other. We highly recommend using language that is respectful and lovesome for our users.

You must know that you are allowed to use our information, pictures, and other data only when you agree to our Terms and Conditions. It is mandatory to have our consent before using our data. Contact admin@plantyweb.com in case of any queries about it.

If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions then you are restricted from using any kind of data from our website and any kind of services of ours. If you do so, we have the right to take legal action against you.

Intellectual Property

We claim that the logo, information, and pictures we use in our articles are surely unique and our personal property. We make sure to give references in case of have any kind of data from any other website. Our clients are allowed to use our information and data.

User Conduct

We appreciate your thoughts and knowledge but if you feel that we are not giving proper information, you have the right to comment and mail us. You should comment or mail us in a respectful manner. It must not be against etiquette and our values. We would love to get in touch with you and resolve the issue.

You will see some third-party links that will connect you to other websites. We will not take responsibility for any information or data you get from third-party links. It will be totally your choice to use that information.


You have the right to defend yourself but breaching our Terms and Conditions will make you pay the fine. And, we too have the right to defend ourselves in response to your indemnification.

Modifications of Terms

We can update our Terms and Conditions at any time. It will be effective right after publishing. If you want to get updates, make sure to subscribe and stay connected. We will not be responsible if you don’t check the Terms and Conditions after getting updated.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Our terms and conditions are obeyed and followed according to the laws of the State of Pakistan. We do not violate our laws and know the consequences of violating any of them.

Contact Us

For any kind of complaint and to get information about our services, please Contact Us through mail at admin@plantyweb.com and subscribe. You can also comment and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Last updated on February 04, 2024.