Plant Diseases

The relationship between plants and diseases has a long history. Almost every plant can serve as a host to various pathogens. Diseases occur when the host is susceptible, and the pathogen is virulent, given favorable environmental conditions. Some plants exhibit resistance due to their defense mechanisms. However, some do not have these mechanisms and get infected. Then, they need to be cured, and preventive measures are taken to decrease the likelihood of future attacks. Controls and preventive measures are detailed in our blogs.

Comprehensive Guides

Diseases are found everywhere; they infect our dear plants. However, we precisely know how to recognize these diseases through symptoms and how to effectively eliminate them. Our concise guides are helpful for understanding various diseases. The posts you see here are the popular ones, adding valuable information to your knowledge. Additionally, we've discussed some interesting facts about plants that you will love to know. So, go ahead and read our blogs.
Diseases of Plants: The Endless Battle with Nature

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Unseen Tinny Terrors: Nematodes Are Everywhere!

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Mastering Damping-off: A Comprehensive Seed-to-Success Guide

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