Like fungi, bacteria, and viruses, nematodes are also pathogens of plants. They attack susceptible plants, and while some nematodes are beneficial, a significant number cause diseases and infect plants. Don't worry, guys! Every detail about their symptoms and control is provided for you in our precise blogs. Interesting facts are collected from different trusted sources, and they will definitely catch your eye, and you will enjoy them.

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Unseen Tinny Terrors: Nematodes Are Everywhere!

It’s great to see you guys!  The organism we are going to discuss today in detail is a very interesting one. There are many amazing […]

Exploring the World of Nematodes: From Anatomy to Taxonomy

Hey, lovely readers! It’s good to see you here on Do you know how the nematodes eat and digest their food? Your every question […]

From Soil to Lab: Sampling and Extracting Nematodes Like a Pro

Hello, lovely readers! Are you searching for the ideal method of nematode sampling? Unsure about how the nematodes are extracted? No worries! You’re in the […]

From Cells to Offspring: The Secret Lives of Nematodes

Hey there, buddy! Have you ever wondered how nematodes make more nematodes? What’s their way of reproducing? And is it true that they do not […]

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